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The Sapphire and Steel Appreciation and Squee Comm
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LJ's first, only, unofficial-but-enthusiastic Sapphire and Steel community.

For the uninitiated: Sapphire and Steel was a six-serial British horror/mystery/science fiction/WTF show of the 70s, a competitor to the early Doctor Who only with even less of a budget. Characterized by surreal, complex, occasionally incomprehensible and fucking scary stories filmed in claustrophobic locations with creative camera, space and cheap effects use, it featured a pair of mysterious alien agents, Sapphire (beautiful and aloof Joanna Lumley) and Steel (grim and dashing David McCallum), correcting (or attempting to correct) rends and errors in time. It was also probably the best piece of SF ever made with not enough money even for bubble foam monsters.

Our mission is to spread the love, aodration, squee and fan creation for Sapphire and Steel, its mind-boggling weird and its perfectly ravishable heroes. As perhaps only the Star Trek animated series has a smaller fandom, this community strives to fulfill that mission with loud abandon.

The ground rules are pretty simple.
1. If it's Sapphire and Steel related, it goes. Even if it's about as batty as, well, most of the series' plots. In this are very much included the Big Finish S&S audios because dude, win!!

2. We welcome fan creations of all sorts - fiction, art, vids, photomanips, fanmixes, drabbles, crossover, macros, porn. Especially porn. Crossovers are perfectly allowed. RPF is allowed in good taste.

3. Fanwork is to be posted under a cut and include at least title, rating and featured characters.

4. We are aware that David McCallum, being Made of Sex, has lent his glory to other TV shows as well, but request that actor debate remain series-related. This goes for Joanna Lumley's fans as well, for they are Correct.

5. Your mod professes freely to her Sapphire/Steel batchippiness, but all pairings up to and very much including Sapphire/Romana II are acceptable. There will be no character-, actor-, pairing-, user- or anything-bashing.

6. We really want newcomers to the fandom to join, so be polite with spoilers. I don't care if it was all aired 30 years ago.

7. This community is not principally opposed to the idea of a remake, but any mention of David Tennant and/or Billie Piper in that context will be met with a jackhammer to the face.

Enjoy and spread the S&S love!

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