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Shannon the I Just Get These Headaches [userpic]
by Shannon the I Just Get These Headaches (shannonsequitur)
at October 20th, 2014 (04:56 pm)

So... did anyone else recognize the misanthropic community service leader from this week's Doctor Who as one of the transient beings from assignment 6?

lost_spook [userpic]
The Darkness: 20 x Sapphire & Steel Icons
by lost_spook (lost_spook)
at October 5th, 2014 (01:44 pm)

A small set of 20 icons I made recently for the square "mind control/possession" for hc_bingo.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

20x Assignment 2 icons here @ lost_spook

spikesgirl58 [userpic]
There are always consequences
by spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58)
at June 16th, 2014 (05:17 am)

What are the consequences if Sapphire and Steel fail?

spikesgirl58 [userpic]
A new Sapphire and Steel tale
by spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58)
at May 30th, 2014 (07:13 am)

Title - The Witch in the Well
Author: Spikesgirl58
Rating - PG
Word count: 2656

My thanks to Sparky955 for the beta and to Svetlanacat4 for sharing this legend with me. This is for Alisanne as part of Obscure and British Comment fest -

“Suzette, you need to get the water now!”

Suzette turned from her mirror and set down her brush. When her mother used that tone, there was no getting around her. She tied up her long black hair with a bright yellow ribbon and stood, carefully brushing the wrinkles from her dress.

Suzette had just come to terms with her womanhood and she was hoping to catch the eye of a certain boy this Saturday night. Jacque had piercing blue eyes and just a hint of a moustache clinging precarious to his upper lip. It made him seem so dashing and grown up. Of course there would be other girls trying to make a conquest as well. And there was something different about him. When he turned just right, he looked like another person entirely. This both intrigued and scared her a little. Maybe this is what love did to a woman.

She turned sideways and admired her figure. She was big where she needed to be and thin everywhere else. Jacque would not be able to resist her, especially in the frock she was going to wear.


“Oui, Mamma!” She darted from the room and hurried down the narrow stairs to where her mother stood buckets in hand.

“And take care of the mère engueule!”

“Oh, Mamma, that is a story for little children.”

Her mother’s eyes narrowed and Suzette sucked her lips in, lest her mother spot the lipstick she’d been experimenting with.

“Also for young girls who think that they are too old for such things. Take care, Mon Cher.”

“Oui, Mamma.” She dragged out the last syllable as she picked up the buckets and slowly walked towards the well. She hated getting water. It was something for servants and peasants to do, not a young lady of her stature. After all, wasn’t her father the mayor of their town? Wasn’t her mother the most beautiful woman of all the women in their district? She should not have to haul water like a common…

The thought flitted from her mind as she spotted Jacque. He was leaning against the well, his head tilted back, face lifted to the sun.

She made a noise by knocking her pails together and his head came forward. There was a strange faraway look in his eyes.

“Bonjour, mi petite.” His voice was velvet on silk.

For more, please follow the link!

spikesgirl58 [userpic]
A new Sapphire, Steel, and Silver tale
by spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58)
at May 26th, 2014 (10:55 am)

Title: Trapped in an Elevator (Or lift, if you prefer)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1148
Prompt: Lost Spook - Sapphire & Steel, Sapphire & Silver & Steel (though bonus points for the OT3), trapped in a lift Written for Obscure and British Commentfest

My thanks to Sparky for the clean up, to Lost Spook for a fun fest and to anyone who still reads Sapphire and Steel. Link takes you to AO3

Why was he even here? Steel’s voice hissed in Sapphire’s mind. She shook her head slowly while watching Silver look back at the apartment. All he did was make things worse. We were doing fine before he interrupted.

He must have been necessary. He was able to get all of us back into one pod and send them home. Sapphire tapped her foot as she waited for the elevators door to open.

Which would haven’t been an issue before he interfered. Steel’s mood had taken a definitely chilly edge to it. Sapphire didn’t know what the history was between the two, nor did she care. They had an assignment, the assignment was complete. They were through.

They aren’t in the habit of misusing resources, Steel.

“I beg your pardon. I might not be a revered agent like yourself or Steel, but I am not just a resource. And you needed me back there. You never would have figured it out yourself.”

“Those were private thoughts, Silver,” Sapphire chastised, but her eyes were kind. She liked the man very much. Where Steel was all business, Silver had a softer side and he knew how to treat a lady. “But I will conceded that you do have your uses.”

Few and far between snapped through her mind and she laughed as he led the way into the elevator.

to read more - follow the link!

John E [userpic]
Ficlet: Dimension Breach
by John E (john_amend_all)
at May 23rd, 2014 (07:27 pm)

Written for the Obscure and British commentfest 2014. The prompt was: Red Dwarf/your crossover fandom of choice, Ace Rimmer + crossover characters, being awesome as usual. ;)

Dimension Breach (1306 words) by JohnAmendAll
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel, Red Dwarf
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sapphire (Sapphire and Steel), Steel (Sapphire and Steel), Ace Rimmer
Additional Tags: Obscure and British Commentfest, Locked In

The Transient Beings were very thorough. There simply isn't any way out. But a little thing like that isn't going to bother Ace Rimmer.

spikesgirl58 [userpic]
The Creation of Man
by spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58)
at May 19th, 2014 (05:11 am)

Title - The Creation of Man
Rating G
The prompt Sapphire & Steel, worldbuilding (British and Obscure comment fest)

My thanks to Sparky for the on-the-spot beta and to Moriwen. Hope you like it

Sapphire stood, stretching her back. Her dress shifted slightly and for a brief moment Steel’s eyes shifted from what he was supposed to be doing to admire the supple form beneath the cloth.

I’m flattered, but aren’t you supposed to be organizing a social structure by which our inhabitants will arrange their moral compass.

It seems like a lot of work for nothing.

“It isn’t nothing, Steel.” Sapphire slipped back into her seat and set her hands on the table. “This is considered an important step in not only our team building skills, but also for better understanding humans.”

“I don’t necessarily want to better understand humans. I understand them quite enough.”

“Someone thinks not or we would be on assignment.” She skimmed her hand over the sphere floating before them. The atmosphere shimmered in response.
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lost_spook [userpic]
Obscure & British Commentfest 2014
by lost_spook (lost_spook)
at May 17th, 2014 (05:31 pm)

current mood: cheerful

A multifandom commentfest for medium-tiny British fandoms of all kinds. All fanworks welcome. (Click on the banner for the link to my LJ.)

spikesgirl58 [userpic]
When Opportunity Knocks
by spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58)
at May 14th, 2014 (04:35 am)

Do you think Time is an opportunist or does it carefully select its attack so that the victims are easily manipulated (like children and old men) in order to gain more of an advantage?

spikesgirl58 [userpic]
A new Sapphire and Steel for Element Flash
by spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58)
at May 9th, 2014 (06:40 am)

Title: I Love Paris
Rating: g
Prompt: Paris in Springtime

My thanks to Sparky955 for the beta, to Kittenmommy for the fun prompt and to everyone else, I'm so, so sorry...

He was considered a fair and honest man. He always tried to be above bribery, but it was so hard. The offerings were lusty and the rewards great and yet his conscience gave him pause.

Three women stood before him, luminous in their beauty. Each one was a marvel of perfection, curvaceous and beguiling. How could he possibly decide? Could he possibly decided? This was going to be far harder than anything he’d ever attempted before.

He had been offered vast wealth by one, vast power by the other and the love of the most beautiful creature in all of creation by the third.
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