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kaffyr [userpic]
Sapphire & Steel Fic: Hachi
by kaffyr (kaffyr)
at December 20th, 2016 (07:56 pm)

Title: Hachi
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Characters: Sapphire, Silver, Steel
Words: 2,235
Summary: Bridges can be utilitarian or they can be beautiful. In either case, they allow people to cross obstacles and travel from one place to another - or, in the case of Elements, to break through hostile attacks of Time and rescue one of their own. Trust Silver to have an elegant touch ....
Edited by: the pricelessdr_whuh
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story are mine. They are the sole property of the BBC, Peter J. Hammond, ATV, and their various creators. I intend no infringement and take no coin.

Read: Dreamwidth, LJ, AO3